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What’s it like to live in an independent living community?

What’s it like to live in an independent living community?

August 19, 2021 1:19 pm Published by

Never before in human history have so many lived so long, and now the question on the minds of many retirees is where they want to live. Research shows that most older adults would prefer to live at home – but they may change their minds if they knew what life was like at an independent living community. Here’s a brief preview.  

Making the switch 

One of the first changes that people are likely to encounter once they make the move is the community aspect. A quality independent living community will provide workshops and events that offer opportunities to go on trips, exercise or gather with neighbors in the dining room.  

Health and wellness 

Retirees who move into an independent living community will enjoy a redoubled sense of health and wellness. Many Atria Retirement communities offer yoga, tai chi and strength-building classes, as well as opportunities to stimulate the mind — such as book clubs, history lectures and discussions about current events. 

Hospitality-driven experiences 

Another plus of an independent living community is the culinary options. No matter where the community is located, it should provide menus catered to regional preferences. Many accomplished chefs leave the restaurant world for independent living communities because they get to know the retirees on a personal level – and they delight in the opportunity to craft dishes the community loves. 

Find your community 

At Atria Retirement, retirees find opportunities to stay fit and mentally sharp, and enjoy outstanding dining experiences – because independent living communities come with all the benefits of home without the burdens of homeownership.  

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about Atria Retirement or independent living, visit AtriaRetirement.com/retirement-communities/ to find a community near you.  

Take a glimpse into what life is like at an independent living community – and all the benefits that come from making the move. 

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