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It’s all connected: The health and wellness benefits of independent living

It’s all connected: The health and wellness benefits of independent living

May 17, 2021 2:29 pm Published by

After years of hard work and leading the life of a responsible adult, retirees want to enjoy themselves and spend more time doing what they love.

Independent living is designed especially for active older people who seek to downsize and simplify their lives. Independent living communities like those at Atria Retirement free residents from cooking, housekeeping and life’s daily tasks while offering daily opportunities to enhance their health, well-being and enjoyment of life. Here’s how.

Social connection

Human beings are social creatures, at every age. We thrive on connection and a sense of belonging. As we grow older, our circle of friends and family tends to shrink, making loneliness and isolation more common. Not only is isolation unpleasant, studies show it can increase the risk of developing dementia and chronic conditions like heart disease and depression.  

The good news is that surrounding ourselves with opportunities to connect with others is powerful medicine for our well-being. Even occasional socializing is beneficial. By choosing how and when to engage with others –sharing meals, taking an exercise class or joining group day trips – residents of independent living communities can be as social as they like.

Physical and mental health

A nutritious diet and physical exercise are vital for staying healthy. With freshly prepared meals and fitness opportunities available right outside their apartment doors, residents at independent living communities find it easy to make smart, healthy choices. 

Atria Retirement communities offer an engaging events calendar designed to keep bodies sound and minds sharp. Physical exercise opportunities often include yoga, tai chi and strength-building classes. To stay mentally active and help prevent cognitive decline, residents can indulge their curiosity during history lectures and excursions, express their creativity in art and dance workshops, and compare notes with neighbors during book club and current events discussions.  

In whatever shape it takes, connecting with neighbors serves as a mini workout for the mind.  

Meaning, joy and fulfillment

When we’re physically and mentally fit, we feel good, and when we’re surrounded by friendly neighbors, we enjoy a sense of belonging. Whatever the good life means for each resident, Atria Retirement communities offer a setting designed to create meaning, joy and fulfillment every day.  

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